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Safety Shoes Supplier in UAE

Safety Shoes Supplier in UAE – Three Colours Safety

We are one of the largest safety shoes supplier in UAE. We supply all types and brands of safety shoes, which includes Executive Safety Shoes, Gum Boots, High Ankle Safety Shoes, Low Ankle Safety Shoes, Rigger Boots etc.. Especially we supply Ladies Safety Shoes. Upcoming are the major brands we supply;

  • Kings Safety Shoes
  • Vaultex Safety Shoes
  • Bata Safety Shoes
  • Talan Safety Shoes
  • Rangers Safety Shoes
  • Miller Safety Shoes
  • Pitbull Safety Shoes
  • Gladius Safety Shoes

Ladies Safety Shoes Supplier

Usually we correlate safety shoes with a Man’s work.  That is the conventional thought process upon hearing the word safety shoes.

Today’s working environment, there are many ladies who do out door work like anyone else.  We can see female workers in Engineering section as well as technical fields.  They all are equipped with instruments and safety wears like coveralls or boiler suits, high visibility vests, gloves etc. Similarly, ladies who take challenging works outside need sufficient protection for their feet too.  Casual shoes got no place at work site that is outside.

Even if it is safety shoes, when it is made for ladies, there need to be an added level of comfort that suits feet of them.   As it is for ladies, the aesthetic factor also need to be considered when such product is made. 

The selection choice of ladies shoes are not always good looking ones.  The customer requirement also includes rough and tough sort of shoes too.  While adding feminine style into safety shoes, the task also is harder than in the case of men’s shoe manufacturing.

Ladies Safety Shoes Supplier

The normal sizes of ladies’ safety shoes start from 34 whereas men’s safe safety shoes start at 38.  The biggest sizes are 40 as per normal size chart is seen at shoe outlets.

Safety shoes made for female users are usually comes with most of the safety features unlike men’s shoes.  The EN Standard of 20345 with S3 category carries maximum possible safety features in a safety shoe.  And this has a feminine shoe look and sizes.  The cost of the shoes will be normally on a higher side as a result.

Technological advancement helps manufacturers make multiple options in ladies’ shoes also along with kinds of gents shoes.

With more are more female job seekers are preferring outside job that are challenging, the market of ladies’ safety shoe industry also look promising.

Also we are the largest supplier of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Fall Protection Equipment, Fire Fighting Protective Equipment, Machines and Devices, Road Safety Equipment, Hi-Visible Reflective Products in UAE.

More over we are the largest supplier of Cable Detector in UAE.

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