Radiodetection CAT4 Cable Detector

Radiodetection CAT4 Cable Detector – Pipe & Cable Locators – C.A.T4™ Genny4™ 

The CAT4 is used to find the hidden cable that is live as well as a dead one. The operator gets the correct result due to its latest digital locating feature.  Of course in difficult conditions.

The CAT4 Avoidance Mode™ helps the operator to check an area for Power and Radioactive cable.  Furthermore, there is another device with it – the Gnny4.  When we connect this attachment to a dead cable with a connector, the signal from it makes the dead cable and pipes alive.  This helps the operator to detect it fast.  These all can be done together with strike alert mode. This has features such as the bar graph ‘tidemark’ to help the operator to find buried cable or pipe very fast.

The Genny4 Signal Generator provides two frequencies at a time to locate signal output. Furthermore, Genny4 can transmit a second higher frequency.  This helps to find small sized cables such as telecoms and lamp poles.  The Frequency of the same is 33kHz.

The power boost function can be used for more difficult findings.  This sends a signal to more deep, and detect utilities more easily.



Small Cable Locate – Double-frequency locate
This has a  dual-frequency mode to find Small-sized cables.  For Example,  telecom twisted pairs, CATV feeds, spurs and drop-offs, etc.  These are common kins od strike risk things.

Avoidance Mode
We can use CAT4 to find power and radio signals at the same time to find missed cable by Sweeping it once.  This helps in saving time.

The CAT4 allows operators to control the sensitivity of each mode or signal.   This will help us to find the buried cables in a single pass.  This way the pipe locator easily finds pipes in a fast and safe way.

Genny4 Signal Boost
Genny4 has a standard power mode, it also has a Signal Boost feature to increases the output signal by up to 10 times. This allows the operator to locate the cable or pipe over extra distance and depth.

High Visibility Display with Backlight of CAT4 Cable Detector

Unlike other machines, CAT4 has a highly visible display screen.  This high visibility display helps to reduce the chance of wrong reading of important information.  The high contrast and automatic backlight provide very good visibility in all light conditions. This is very good for safe working.

Radiodetection CAT4 Cable Detector and Genny4 have a good range of Cable Avoidance Tools.   Therefore operators can choose correct machines with dependable facilities to improve productivity.

  • The double frequencies at the same time help to locate Small Diameter cables.
  • Dynamic Overvoltage Protection helps the locator to operate in risky areas.
  • Doing a search of Power, Radio, and Genny together, CAT3 makes the survey faster
Weight 7.5 kg
Dimensions 60 × 30 × 30 cm
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