3M Virtua AP Dark Eye Wear Glass

3M Virtua AP Glass in Sharjah Dubai UAE

Dealers of: 3M Virtua AP Glass in Sharjah Dubai UAE.

3M Virtua-AP Safety Glass is an economy range safety glass – rather safety spectacles with a number of features.  The manufacturer of the eyewear is the world-renowned 3M company.  The product is one of the fastest moving protective eyewear in the world.

This protective Eyewear has a look that is unique.  It fits very well with almost all persons uniquely.

Furthermore, the benefit includes the price range.  This is a low price segment of protective wear that gives a protection range that is far more than its value.

In Addition, the eyewear gives a feather-lite feel to the user.

The glass has an integrated side shield protection that is an added advantage.  Design is one of the most accepted Wrap-Around types.  Indeed, this is an extra feature.

Also, the temple design is also special.  Temples are designed to give extended protection and to have a clear view of the vicinity due to its ‘clear’ construction.  The temples are very much adaptive and comfort giving ones to the wearer.  The making is typical due to the design and it is extremely comfortable.

The material used to make the lenses are Polycarbonate – the nearest substitute of glass available on earth.  This absorbs/repels 99.9% percentage of dangerous Ultra Violet rays – both UVA and UVB

As described above, it is a frameless model.  The Eyewear thus is a single piece from the temple to Glass.  In Short, it is a ‘foldable safety glass’

The super-specialty feature of this Eve Wear is its grip due to less weight.  You may shake your head liking banging on the floor, but the eyewear will be discharging its duty staying fit on your nose covering your eyes.

Contact Three Colours Safety Equipment Trading LLC, Sharjah ,WhatsApp +97155-968 0202, eMail: info@tcgroupuae.com, web: www.tcgroupuae.com

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