Radiodetection RD8200 Distributor in Dubai Sharjah UAE

Radiodetection RD8200 Distributor in Dubai Sharjah UAE

Radiodetection RD8200 Distributor in Dubai Sharjah UAE

RD8200 Cable and Pipe Locators are the leading and most accurate testing equipment in the category.  It is not only dependable but also accepted by industry experts and users worldwide.

It is a Precision Locator – the equipment helps users to prevent and or reduce damages to utilities.  Also, it is an easy-to-use equipment.  The RD8200 is a new-age locator that is most accurate when compared with competitors.  It is an easy-to-use equipment as well.


Speed is another fact.

It gives accurate results in record timing.  Setting up the required data is also user-friendly.  This takes only minimal time.  The wide and broad screen gives easy to set up a facility.

The screen is designed to read in sunlight.  Most of the detecting work happens under the sun.  In the Gulf region, the maximum days in a year fall on sunny days – especially working hours.

RD8200 Display

The audio alert is another feature.  When working in a noisy location, if the sound is insufficient, the machine has a vibrator.  The unit alerts the user with sufficient vibration when the object or field is detected.  Both Visual and Audio alerts also will be there at the same time.

The most important thing is accuracy in sensitive situations.  The unit gives the most reliable results comparing all similar units or so-called advanced units of competition.  The unit gives correct and the same results at repeated tastings.

The RD8200 is a suitable detector in challenging work situations.  It is a proven unit for congested locations that are mostly underground situated.  It is famous for its ability to reject distracting signals and to target required power cables among many.

Accuracy of RD8200

The unit uses the best and latest technology to find targets.  The design is created to give the user maximum comfort.  It has also a field monitoring feature thru its auto usage logging.  The user of RD8200 has an edge over the competition and value at the client location.

More than its comfortable design and quality, it is a rough and tough unit also. It can absorb minor external impacts.  When all competition crashes, RD survives.  The raw materials are selected and crafted in Great Britain by a Radiodetection factory with the highest quality standards.


The Alert System has both Audio and Video effects. The display unit uses low-power LCD technology.  Even though, it gives sufficient light to read results comfortably.  The low-power LCD gives the battery extra life as well.

RD8200 uses Radiodetection’s TruDepth technology to give accurate measurements.  This has five power output audio levels along with vibration alerts.  This helps users or technicians in difficult situations.  The unit is a perfect detecting device near substations or high-voltage lines.

RD8200 Audio

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Radiodetection RD8200 Distributor in Dubai Sharjah UAE:

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