Fully Charged Battery of CAT4

Battery of CAT4 and Genny

The battery of CAT4 – Cable Avoidance Tool and Genny is size D.  This is one of the largest battery sizes in electronic and electric utilities such as torch lamps, Radio, etc.  The testing instrument CAT4 requires utmost care while using it.  The maintenance of the unit must have a knowledgeable person or technician.   The user will get accurate or proper guidance on maintaining it from the maintenance manual.  Usually, every machine comes with a booklet of maintenance and spare parts.  In modern times, the usage of paper is reduced to protect the environment.

Battery used in CAT4 – 1.5 Volts – 2 Cells – D Size

The Battery used in Genny- 1.5Volts – 4 Cells – D Size

Battery of CAT4 and Genny
Battery of CAT4 and Genny

The units normally come from the Radiodetection company with batteries made by ENERGYCELL – LR20

The battery of CAT4 Consists of 2 size D cells.  The capacity of the battery is 1.5v (1.5 Volts) Normally, these batteries are coming with Alcaline Technology.  Also, these are made to prevent leakage due to the aging of the battery.  Since it is leakproof and made with the latest technology, the shelf life of the battery is above Ten Years if unused.

Battery Cabin of CAT4

The battery of Genny Used with CAT4

The battery of Genny – the signal-generating unit used with CAT4 is also in the D size.  The difference is only the number of batteries.  The Genny requires 2 sets of batteries (4 Numbers of D-size Cells) with 1.5 v (1.5 Volts) capacity.  The Genny requires more power to generate a signal than CAT4 being a signal-receiving unit.  Also, the usage of Genny is more continuous than C A T 4 where there is no auto-off switch.

C A T4 has an auto-off switch on its handle which disconnects battery usage when the machine is laid off or kept idle.  Genny, on the other hand, keeps emitting strong or weak signals continuously till the user approaches it and switches off using its push button.

Fully Charged Battery of CAT4

The user manual of both comes in the form of a QR code (Quick Response Code) these days.  CAT4 is no exemption.  Probably, it is one of the first detection units in the world to use a QR code to implement a digital user manual for a device.  Moreover, a  picturized usage is and elaboration is on the body of a C A T4 itself.

User manual of CAT4

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