Nomex Pant and Shirt

Nomex Pant and Shirt

Nomex Pant and Shirt are one of the most sought after Personal Protective Equipment in safety working environment now.  Comfort is the factor for people preferring Pant and Shirt.  Nomex is an inherent fire-retardant material.  Its manufacturing is from inherent fire-retardant fibers.  The manufacturer of this fiber is DuPont of United States of America.  Other than Nomex Dupont has many other protective materials and daily usage household materials of high quality.  The Nomex Pant and Shirt material has a combination of 93% Nomex material, 5% Kevlar material and 2% Anti-Static Yarns or threads. 

Why Kevlar in Nomex Fabric?

Even though Nomex is a fire-retardant material, it has a thin appearance.  This feature may some time compromise to tensile strength testing.  There comes the importance of Kevlar.  Kevlar has an immense tensile strength and high resistance to fire and heat.  It is also a light weight material.  Combining with Nomex makes a superb fabric that is highly successful against preventing heat and flame related risks at work sites.

Anti-Static Yarns in Nomex Pant & Shirt

One of the main objectives of Nomex Pant & Shirt is to prevent fire and flame related accidents.  Even a spart at risky work sites may cause a huge fire.  Static electricity is one of main reasons of sparks at locations.  To reduce the risk of creating static electricity, science had invented this material – carbon fiber.  This diffuses atoms that creates static electricity – thus possibility of creating sparks as well.  Directly, it is also an important fire-retardant element in the work wear.

Features of Nomex Pant & Shirt

  • Fabric – Nomex IIIA
  • Model – 2 Piece (Pant & Shirt)
  • Fabric Composition – 93% Nomex, 5% Kevlar, 2% Antistatic Fiber
  • Pockets – 2 Chest Pocket with flap on Shirt, 4 Pockets on Pant
  • Elasticized Waist
  • 4 Line 1” Reflective Stripes (Customizable as per requirement)
  • Highly Breathable fabric
  • High life time and longer washing cycles
  • Ergonomic design to improve body movement with ease
  • Shirt Sizes ranging from S to 3XL
  • Pant Sizes ranging from 28 to 42
  • Colours Available: Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Orange, Yellow and Red

Certification of Nomex Pants and Shirt

The pants and Shirt made with Nomex has almost all certification required for a workwear.  It has EN11612 – A1, A2, B1, C1, F1 standard for Fire retardancy.  EN 1149 for Antistatic Features. Moreover, it has certification of EN13688 required for a protective clothing as well.

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