Kong Deck Crew KDC5 Glove

Ironclad Kong Deck Crew KDC5 Glove

Ironclad Kong Deck Crew KDC5 Glove series has high demand in the retail and Wholesale market of UAE as well as the world.  The model is well known for its quality and utility in many industries.  The Ironclad brand and its products are from the United States of America and keep high-quality standards.  Manufacturing goes through the toughest standards of quality assurance.  The product holds many patents for the design and qualities it contains.  Many patent applications are in the pipeline as well.  The product has a beautiful finish and bright green appearance to give it high visibility.

Mandatory quality standards are there in place.  EN 388 for glove standards in CE class 2 and ANSI standards for cut resistance and glove standards are also in place.

The Deck Crew glove has a reliable design for resisting rough and tough usage.  It has a four-layer manufacturing procedure too.  This gives maximum abrasion resistance to the palm.  The CT5 is a trademarked terminology to show the superior cut resistance of the glove.  Further, the glove has a Teflon coating for oil and other liquid resistance.  Teflon is a high-quality product from DuPont.

The most important feature of the Deck Crew Glove is its impact resistance.  The trademarked Metacarpal protection is the best in the industry.  It absorbs 90% or more impact that falls above the glove. It is also known for superior finger protection.

Other than the above-mentioned normal features, the glove has a highly contrasting inner color and outer color.

Features of Kong Deck Crew KDC5 Series Glove

  • Name:  Ironclad Kong
  • Model: KDC5 (Series)
  • Outer Color:  Bright Green (back of hand)
  • Inner Color:  Dark Orange (Palm)
  • Standard:  EN 388:2016, ANSI/ISEA: CUT A7, ABR4, ANSI/ISEA 138
  • Construction: 4 Layer
  • Cut Resistance:  Level 5
  • Oil & Water Resistance: Teflon Protection
  • Color:  Orange in the Palm and Bright Green on the back
  • Sizes: 5 Nos (KDC5-02-S KDC5-03-M KDC5-04-L KDC5-05-XL KDC5-06-XXL KDC5-07-XXXL)
  • Usage: Oil and Gas Industry, Rigs, Refinery, Extraction Process, Mining, Heavy Construction etc.

Contact us for Wholesale and End-user requirements: info@tcgroupuae.com, WhatsApp: +971559690202. You may also order online

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