Ansell Hyflex 11801 Gloves Sharjah Dubai UAE

Ansell Hyflex 11801 Gloves Sharjah Dubai UAE

Ansell Hyflex 11801 Gloves Sharjah Dubai UAE

Ansell Hyflex11801 Gloves is a technical glove with improved design and enhanced comfort.  The colour combination masks the colour of dirt and gives a tidy and clean appearance always.  The glove is manufactured by world’s leading glove manufacturer A N S E L L.  The product is free of Dimethylformamide (D M F). (Dimethylformamide is a chemical that is irritant to human skin, eyes and respiratory organs.  Intake of this chemical causes dizziness, vomiting, abdominal pain, sleep disorders and makes harm to kidney and heart.  It is also a flammable substance.)

The company A N S E L L has developed a new technology to stitch stress points where strength should be more.  When strength is improved, it is always at a cost of comfort.  The thickness goes high and it makes wearer uncomfortable.  A N S E L L invented a new technology named Z O N Z where stress points are weaved or stitched with strength as well as comfort.  It is a patented technology as well.

It has more features and usages that are as follows:

Considered aesthetics: HyFlex 11-801 industrial gloves’ darker liner helps extend wear life by masking dirt

Elevated comfort: Their nitrile foam coating also makes them 30% more breathable than comparable gloves, for less irritable daily wear

Enhanced grip: The same nitrile coating enhances grip, making them ideal in dry and slightly oily environments

Everyday usability: Hy Flex 11-801 safety gloves’  Z O N Z Comfort Fit Technology relieves tension and delivers a tailored feel

Improved durability: These Hy Flex gloves also possess  A N S I /E N – compliant abrasion resistance, for longer wear

Guaranteed skin-friendliness and cleanliness: They are Dermatest -approved for skin friendliness, and benefit from an impurity extracting proprietary washing process




Machinery and Equipment

Metal fabrication




Picking, and fastening components

Adjusting systems and screwing

Fastening components, parts

Loading and unloading trucks and vehicles

Handling incoming goods

Loading trucks & vehicles

Product shipping, transport and delivery



Key Features

Industrial safety gloves with 30% greater breathability and a dirt-masking dark liner

Darker liner: For safety gloves suited to dirty or oily conditions

Breathable nitrile coating: P P E gloves that offer all-day comfort

Z O N Z ™ Comfort Fit Technology: Reduced tension, greater



Product Description:

Name: Hy Flex 11-801

Category: Light Duty

Purpose:  Multipurpose

Finishing: Palm Coated

Coating Material: Foam Nitrile

Liner Material: Nylon

Cuff Style: Knitwrist

Guage: 15

Sizes Available:  6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

192-265 m m/ 7.55-10.51


Colour: Black

Packing: 12 pairs in a bag; 12 bags in a carton


E N 388 (3131 & 3131A),  A N S I 3,  A N S I  A 1

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