Ansell-Edge-14663 in Sharjah Dubai UAE

Ansell Edge 14663 Gloves in Sharjah Dubai UAE

Ansell Edge 14663 Gloves in Sharjah Dubai UAE

Ansell Edge 14663 Gloves is a High-quality CE certified oil repellent P V C coating glove.  It is a blue supported PVC Glove.  The glove is manufactured by world’s leading glove manufacturer A N S E L L.   The product is famous for Oil repellence and its use in Chemical and Liquid industry.  Also, it is known for superior abrasion protection, Heat protection and low Chemical protection.  It is a Medium duty protective glove.


The company ANSELL has developed Edge 14663 Gloves with concentration on flexibility as well as cost effectiveness.   As a matter of fact, it has a clear edge over its competitors. In chemical protection, it is a value for money product as well.  The glove has protection against multiple chemicals.  It has also a good mechanical resistance.  Moreover, it is having a very good slip resistance palm, its fingers as well as on back side.  It has also good protection against biological products.  For the reasons, it is famous for its superior grip on held objects.

It has more features and usages that are as follows:

Workers exposed to oil, grease, acid, caustics and alcohol require reliable protection to keep their hands safe

A rough finish protects against abrasions while offering excellent grip, even in wet and oily Conditions

The flexibility and comfort of E D G E gloves lead to less hand fatigue and better worker efficiency



Oil and gas



Infrastructure Maintenance

Food Processing




Chemical processing and preparation

Handling dry, wet or oily large objects

Maintenance of plant and machines


Key Features

The EDGE range offers a greater flexibility, when compared to other models in its category

The highly cost-effective chemical protection PVC glove

Combines excellent protection against several chemical products with mechanical resistance

Non-slip finish on the palm, fingers and back of the hand, for a better grip on wet objects

Also protects against biological agents


Product Description:

Name: E D G E 14-663

Category: Medium Duty

Purpose:  Oil and Chemical Resistance

Material: P V C

Length: 360 m m / 14 Inches

Sizes Available:  8, 9, 10, 11

Colour: Blue

Packing: 12 pairs in a bag; 6 bags in a carton


C E 0493, E N 388 (4121, 3121-A), E N-I S O 374-1 / Type C, E N-I S O 374-5:2006

Ansell-Edge-14663 in Sharjah Dubai U A E – available at Three Colours Safety Eqpt Trdg L L C, WhatsApp +97155-9680202, Mail:



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