Gladiator Safety Shoes in Sharjah - Dubai - UAE

Gladiator Safety Shoes in Sharjah – Dubai – UAE

Gladiator Safety Shoes in Sharjah – Dubai – UAE

Gladiator Safety Shoes and Boots are available through its distributors and reputed retailers in Sharjah, Dubai, and other parts of the U A E.  It has different shades of colors that match safety shoes and boots.  Normal shoes come with a glossy leather outlook.  But, many Gladiator shoes are coming with a suede leather outsole and elegant appearance. The outer is acid-resistant and temperature-resistant up to 100 degrees.  The sole is double-density P U and shock absorbent in almost all models.  The insole is removable and anatomic.  The suede leather and insole are sweat-absorbing and have breathability.  This adds to the comfort level and reduces the risk of odor while continuously wearing.


As per Gladiator manufacturing factory, a safety shoe needs to be an economical and value-for-money product.  Same time, this is not at the cost of look and safety features.  The products of the Gladiator safety shoe range are made to comply with the statement of value for money product.  It is never compromising in terms of the safety features required.  Models like 6036, 6037, and 6038 are having suede leather outers and fine looking.  Model 6036 is having camel color.  6037 is having Beige look and Model 6038 is having Honey color.  Also, it is a comparatively lightweight safety shoe compared to competing models.  The footwear is coming in sizes for men and women ranging from 39 to 46.  It is certified with E N I S O 20345: 2011 standard.

Gladiator has multiple safety shoes, boots, and other footwear with sufficient stock in the U A E.  The models include 4004, 004, 4002, 6003, 5049, 336, 1068, 1795, 4008, 6035, 20035, 6047, 6039, and 0132, Most models are produced with standards matching A S T M  F 2413-05 and A S / N Z S 2210.3 & SS105

Features of Gladiator Safety Shoes:

  • Boots and Shoes
  • Anti-Perforation Mid sole (S 1 P & S 3)
  • Water Resistant (S 3 Models)
  • Steel Toe Cap
  • Acid Resistant
  • Antistatic

Product Description & the Technical Details of Bata Clark Safety Boot:

  • Manufactured in: China
  • Size assortment: 39-46
  • Fitting: Both Men and Women
  • Color: Brown, Black, Honey, Beige, Tan, etc.
  • Upper: Fiber, Leather, Suede Leather, etc.
  • Lining: Water/ Sweat Absorbant
  • Anti-penetration sole: Steel Mid sole – 1100 N (for certain models)
  • Safety Toecap: Impact resistance 200 J
  • Sole: P U – & Double Density P U
  • Standard: C E   E N   I S O 20345:2011, A S T M F2413-05 and A S/N Z S 2210.3 & S S 105
  • Industry usage of Construction, Manufacturing, Transportation, Automobile, etc.
  • Gender: Men & Women


To keep footwear in the usable condition it is recommended to maintain it always clean and polished. If the shoes are not dry, they should dry at room temperature. Never dry shoes near a heating system.


Gladiator guarantees the quality and durability of its products against any manufacturing defects. The recommendation is to use a model suitable for your working places/site.

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