Ansell AlphaTec 87190 Gloves

Ansell AlphaTec 87190 Gloves in Sharjah Dubai UAE

Ansell AlphaTec 87190 Gloves in Sharjah Dubai UAE

Ansell AlphaTec 87190 Gloves is an extra thin yellow glove for superior sensitivity to the wearer.   The previous name of this product was “Econo hands T M 87-190”.  The product had gone thru multiple improvisations and came out as a superior product with a new name and identity.  It is well known for its price versus quality feature.  It is a super economy product with excellent performance qualities.

Ansell Alpha T e c 87190 is made with natural rubber.  As we know, there is no substitute for natural rubber.  The product has a superior cotton flocked lining that gives extra comfort to the user compared to other brands and competitors.  Main features include reduced allergic reactions as well.  The glove has a nominal thickness of 0.35 m m and it gives an unmatched sensitivity to the wearing hands.

The glove got more details and features as follows:

Extra thin glove for excellent sensitivity

Specially treated to reduce the risk of allergic reactions.

Thickness of 0.35 m m, provides outstanding sensitivity.

Excellent price/quality ratio.

Refined product with previous name Econo hands 87190



Automotive Aftermarket



Metal fabrication




Assembly of parts


Key Features

Ultra light duty glove

100% cotton flock lining

Excellent dexterity and tactility


Natural rubber proteins

Zinc Diethyl d i t h i o carbamate ( Only a very small number of users may be sensitive to this ingredient(s) and hence may develop irritant and/or allergic contact reactions)

Product Description:

Name: Alpha T e c 87190

Category: Light Duty

Material: Natural Latex Rubber

Liner: Cotton Flocking

Purpose:  Multi purpose

Color: Yellow

Thickness: 0.35 m m

Sizes Available:  6.5 – 7, 7.5 – 8, 8.5 – 9, 9.5 – 10

Length: 305 m m / 12 inches

Packing: 1 pair per inner bag; 12 inner bags per master bag; 12 master bags per carton


C E 0493, E N – I S O 374-1 Type C, E N 388 (1010X), E N  I S O 374-5 (Virus)

Available at Wholesale and Retail price at Three Colours Safety Eqpt Trd L L C – Sharjah – U A E.  WhatsApp; +97155-968 0202,


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