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Three Colours Safety Equipments Trading LLC is a leading distributor of Vaultex Shoes in UAE.  The shoes are coming with CE Certification for standards.

What are safety Shoes?

Unlike in the cases of casual shoes, Safety Shoes are made to protect the user from the risks on feet at the workplace.  Certified Safety shoes are like having a protective toe that prevents hazards of impacts up to the level of 200 Jules in particular.

Safety shoes also come with a midsole that protects feet from puncture hazards from sharp things like nail, screws, etc.

The top portion of safety shoes is generally made of leather.  Leather will be either Nubuck or Grain.  These are the mainly used versions of leather in the shoe industry.  There are artificial items also used to make the top portion of Safety Shoes.  Such as polyurethane etc.

Safety Toes of shoes are made from Steel in most of the cases. But, options like versions of plastic (TPU) and aluminum also can be seen in the toe section.

Safety Shoes are a must-use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at all recognized work areas and sites.  Rules are tough as per many civic bodies of most of the countries in the world.  While talking about Insurance policies of workmen also, it will be valid only if workers are wearing PPE at the site.

Certain working category, going without safety shoes to the workplace is not allowed – like site engineers. Vaultex Shoes serves in this category.

Not only that, Safety shoes must have certifications of the quality they have.  Not all safety shoes are made with the required quality.  CE Certifications and or higher certifications are required to sell safety shoes.  Buying safety shoes without certification is as good as not having safety shoes.

Vaultex Safety Shoes should bear the certification markings in a visible manner if they are certified. Few safety shoes made for the Chemical industry, users normally ask for the electric conductivity certification also.

If we take a ‘look’ of the shoes, earlier days many shoe makers were not having safety shoe production.  Later on, many of them moved to the safety industry.  Miller, Talan, Kings, Montabove, and Rangers are brands like that.

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