Proban Fire Retardant

What is Proban Fire Retardant Coverall?

Proban Fire Retardant Coverall is workwear that protects the user from fire-related accidents up to a greater level. Pro ban is a technological chemical treatment process that gives a fabric fire resistance capability for a lifetime.

The Pro ban fire retardant treatment was invented in the 1950s that applied to woven and knitted fabrics and garments. The main purpose of the product was industrial protection. Fire accidents are one of the most happening accidents in the workplace.

Pro ban treatment is done with stringent quality procedures that ensure the wearer maximum comfort while wearing and gives required protection as well. Even though the product is mainly aiming industrial customers, individuals can also make use of it when regular proximity of fire or flame is there.

How Proban Works

When contacted with fire or flames, Pro ban treated fabric and garment will douse themselves.  The fire won’t spread and even for burning, it requires the source of flames in continuous contact.

Few other explanations of Proban are:

PROBAN ® is a quality-controlled technology program that provides cotton and cotton-woven fabrics with flame retardant properties for long-term use. PRO BAN ® fabric-based articles provide reliable flame-retardant performance to industries, institutions, and end customers worldwide while complying with fire industry regulations. In addition, PRO BAN fabrics retain their strength, color, and flame retardant properties when exposed to U V light and thus are perfectly suited to outdoor work environments.

PRO BAN ® is a brand, technology-based process based on specific chemicals developed by Solvay. The process takes place in the final phase of the blended cotton and cotton fabrics and involves very specific steps – the technology is only available to PRO BAN ® licensees.

PRO BAN ® is the result of quality control, state of the art, a technological process that takes place in the process of finalizing the production of fabric blended cotton and cotton. The PRO BAN ® process uses patented and licensed technology to make a special polymer embedded within cotton threads. The process of making PRO BAN ® polymer is irreversible. The polymer is completely insoluble and its incorporation into the fiber body forms a cotton compound PRO BAN.

Furthermore, Proban garments and fabrics  offer comfort and lifelong protection against flame and heat to the wearer in various applications.  It include Industrial Users, Services People, Personal Use, and even in Motorsports.

Industrial Application covers Electrical, Oil & Gas, Welding, Grinding industries.

Service Staff such as Army, Fire Wardens and Emergency Response team, etc.

Personal applications include domestic use at home, upholstery and nightwear etc.

Proban Performance and Standards

  1. Flame retardancy of treated fabric meets the requirements of I S O 15797 : 2002 Procedure 3 (50 Wash and Dry Cycles)
  2. Also, I S O 14116 : 2003 for Limited Flame Spread Index 3
  3. In addition to I S O 11611 : 2007 for Protective clothing for use in welding and allied processes Para 6.7
  4. And I S O 11612 : 2008 6.3 Protective clothing – Clothing to protect against heat and flame Para 6.3 Flame

Brands of Proban Coveralls:

Three  Colours  Safety Equipments Trading has a stock of various colors and brands of Pro ban coveralls for wholesale as well as retail segments.

Orange, Red and Navy Blue are the main colors available ex-stock. Also other colors are available on a requirement basis, especially custom makes.

Proban Fire Retardant Coverall

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