Bata Safety Shoes Distributor in Dubai UAE

Bata Safety Shoes Distributor in Dubai UAE

Bata has safety shoes distributor in Dubai – U A E and has a huge stock of industrial safety shoes.  The Range of safety shoes has many models that include Models – Oxford, Bright, Barbados, Clark, Titan and Grenada.  Bata is a renowned name is footwear industry.  It has multiple production facilities in different continents.  The name is famous among school uniform shoes as well as snickers and official shoe segment.   To cater all the said segments, during high demand times, Bata flexes the production capacity and reaches a production figure of 200,000 shoes per daily through its worldwide production facilities

Bata Shoes UAE

Safety Shoe Models

Bata is also having industrial safety shoes models.  The executive type of shoe includes Oxford – a high end S 3 standard one.  It is having a black color appearance.  Both laced and non-laced models are available in it.  Some models are sent to distribute in certain countries and segments only.  The executive shoes are in low ankle category only.  Oxford is having a toe that is metal free but withstands the pressure of 200 J as any safety shoe requires.

The high ankle safety shoes list of Bata starts with Barbados.  It is an elegant and rough and tough looking safety shoes with appropriately cushioned high ankle.  The color of Barbados is also Black; but its sole has a grey outlook.  The shoes got a 1100 N resisting mid-sole that is penetration resistant.

Bata Shoes

The non-executive safety shoe has another model which is a low ankle one.  The name of the product is Granada.    This is one of the largest selling safety shoes models of Bata’s  Professional Footwear section.  This shoes is manufactured and categorized under the ‘Equator’ collection shoe series.  The color of Granada also is Black.  This is a S 1 P grade shoe model.  Also, this is one of the economical models of the company.

All the above safety shoes are having C E – E N – I S O 20345 certification as the baseline.

For more details, price and stock status, please contact:

Three Colours Safety Eqpt. Trdg. L L C, Sharjah – WhatsApp: +97155-9680202 or mail to

Bata Safety Shoes Distributor in Dubai UAE

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