Nomex Fiber Structure

Nomex FR Fabric and Winter Jacket Supplier in Dubai Sharjah UAE

Nomex FR Fabric and Winter Jacket

What is Nomex F R – Nomex is an F R (Fire Retardant) fabric nature and has many suppliers in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi in U A E.   The term Nomex is a brand of Dupont company in the United States of America.  It is a technical product of the fabric segment – hence it is called a Technical Fabric.  The garments such as Coveralls or Boiler Suits, Jackets, Vests, Trousers, etc. are called Technical Garments.  It is not a treated fabric but an inherent Fire Retardant property fabric.  The F R property of the fabric stays up to the life of the fabric.

Nomex FR Fabric and Winter Jacket Supplier in Dubai Sharjah UAE
Nomex FR Fabric and Structure

Origin of Nomex

The Nomex fabric is not a natural product.  It is a man-made product derived after countless research processes.  It is produced from Aramid Fibers which have a high capability of heat resistance and thermal protection.  Aramid is a form of fiber made from synthetic fiber products.  The fabric is mainly used for making garments that are suitable to wear in workplaces in proximity to fire and heat.

Features of Nomex Fabric

We have seen the fact above that Nomex is made of Aramid fibers.  Aramid is used for protective covering such as armor and ballistic usages.  It has high tensile strength and is stronger than steel when measured at equal weight.  Bulletproof jackets, covering of rocket parts that have a hot interface, etc. are its main uses.  Nomex is a comfortable protective clothing product made for humans working in industrial units where he is exposed to heat and fire.

It is also used by motor racing experts and drivers who have a risk of fire and abrasion-related burns etc.  Nomex has a high abrasion resistance as well.  Garments and equipment made by it are also used to protect from cut risks.

Nomex Armor Fabric
Garment made of Nomex Armor Fabric

It is also used to cover the vehicle that has the risk of ballistic exposure.

Nomex is also a lightweight product.  It has little or no stretching problem.

The fabric is better anti-static features and has a resistance to organic chemicals/solvents

Garments Made of Nomex

The Nomex is used mainly for Industrial clothing.  The features like lightweight, anti-static, abrasion resistance, cut resistance are superb.  There is unmatched tensile strength along with Fire Retardancy also.  This makes majority of safety garments are with Nomex.  It has a softer version of fabric that is used to make shirts and blouses that require a more soft feeling.

Industrial shirts and pants, Winter Jackets, Fireman clothing, etc. are other major products.

Armored fabric coverage – mainly for vehicles, Lining of Shoes for penetration resistance, etc. are also main uses.

Nomex FR Winter Jacket
Nomex Winter Jacket

Nomex Winter Jacket is one of the most wanted protective wear in the winter season.  The Jacket is mostly custom-made as per end-user requirements.  There are also ready-made models.  The inner lining is made of F R fleece and the outer is made of Nomex Fabric of customer color choice

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