Miller Safety Shoes SMA

Miller Safety Shoes SMA – Low Ankle Safety Shoe – The Most sought after Industrial Shoes in the UAE

Color: Black, Steel Toe, Certification: CE, Shock Absorber, Mid Plate, Slip and Acid Resistant

Miller is an established brand in the United Arab Emirates and India.  Most of the safety shops and online shopping sell this shoes.

Miller Safety Shoes SMA has CE certification for all the required safety features.  In addition please see the details  below:

Miller Safety Shoes SMA Description :

The shoe has a Breathable Genuine Leather.  The Quality of Leather is coming with registered trademark of  ‘Cool Comfort’ for the method used.

The Front portion of the shoe is fitted with 200 Jule steel toe for protection against falling objects and compression risks.

It has also a Steel Mid Plate for protection against puncture hazards.  At work sites, piercing objects from terrain is one of the main hazards.  It includes sharp sides of objects and nails etc.

As a basic quality of sole of the safety shoes, oil resistance is important.  All the Miller Safety Shoes are coming with the feature of Oil Resistance.  Acid Resistance is also there in SMA model.

Another most important feature of SMA is its Energy Absorbing ability.  A new Shock Absorption system is attached to the sole of the shoes for users comfort as well as safety.

The Shoe Insole has Orange Gambrell Lining as a standard feature.

Miller Shoes are mainly in the color tone of Black.  Brown Shoes are also in the production line, but UAE market is yet to receive it in logistics.

However,  all the standard sizes that is starting from 38 to 46 are available.

In addition, it has a warranty of 6 months against all manufacturing defects.

The country of production of Miller Safety Shoes SMA is India.

Please contact Showroom of Three Colours Safety Equipment Trading LLC, P O Box 60835, Sharjah – UAE, WhatsApp: 0097155-9680202 or mail to  Web:


Weight 1.250 kg
Dimensions 30 × 7 × 6 cm
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