Kings Safety Shoes KWS701

Kings Safety Shoes KWS701 – Full grain leather laced ankle shoe

Kings Safety Shoes is one of the Industry leading shoe brand in Safety Category.  Taken over by Honeywell, the market place had spread into almost every places on earth.  However the price versus quality of the shoe is very much balanced.  Moreover, if you buy a pair, it can can be termed as a profitable deal.

Unlike many other shoe brand that exists in the market, Kings Safety Shoes have no negative marks such as low life or premature bootlessness.  The top portion is made with a high quality leather and sole is anti static.  Sole has an in-built anti-slip feature and shock absorbing capability.

Kings Safety shoe has two different color shades – Brown and Black.  Model KWS701 comes in Black color.  Similarly  brown shoe models are also there.  Rigger boot model KWD 805C  comes in Brown Color.

Features of KWS 701:  Color is Black, but available in different sizes such as: 03 to 13 (36 to 47)

  • Similarly Sole has the following specifications:
    • Single density light-weight and slip resistant, and made with
    • polyurethane (PU) sole (SRC Outsole), in addition
    • Sole is resistant to oils and acids/alkalis, furthermore it is
    • Antistatic too
  • Finally, the Upper has features such as
    • Printed Leather, and
    • Breathable non-woven fabric lining, Following
    • Antistatic insole board and
    • Extra Wide 5-toe toecap provides maximum comfort for your toes too.
    • 200 Joules steel toe cap for impact and compression resistance and
    • Pierce resistant 1100N steel mid-sole insert, furthermore
    • Extra thick full length fabric-lined EVA foam insole with shock absorption, anti-bacterial and anti-static
    • properties. It also provides extra comfort for long hours of usage.

Kings Safety Shoes KWS701 is a fast moving product and always in stock.  Almost all the sizes are in the category of fast moving.  The user becomes and addict of it due to its wearing comfort and rough and tough features.

Order your KWS701 from Three Colours Safety Equpt. Trdg. LLC – Sharjah.  WhatsApp: 0097155 968 0202

Weight 1.250 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 10 cm
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