Advantages of Online and Offline Purchases

Advantages of Online and Offline Purchases

The world has changed a lot.  From earlier times of going to market or shop for purchasing things have changed.  The buying place is in the smartphone screen now.  There is no need of going out for a purchase.  Online sites and Applications (App) are there in every smartphone and gadgets now.

Advantage of Oline Purchase and Offline Purchases

Now let us have the comparison of Advantages of Online Purchases against Offline Purchases

Online Purchases Offline Purchases
No outing required to buy something Need to reach physically at store or market
Time-Saving Time-consuming – maybe hours
No need of tender exact value as even decimal points of value can be transferred Need to keep exact changes to avoid further time loss due to small denominations of currency

There are multiple options for online purchases and offers in the market.

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