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Push Pull Stick – Dubai UAE

Push pull stick is a simple instrument providing big help to human beings at workplaces.  These come in different sizes – that is different lengths and capacities.  As per the requirement of workplaces and the distance of objects to handle, the user can select the appropriate length of the push pull stick. Push Pull Stick – Dubai UAE dealer contacts are at the end of this article.

Use of Push Pull Stick

Push Pull Stick helps workers or users safeguard themselves from injuries from handling goods in dangerous situations.  Situations like a suspended heavy item and hanging objects to move position require push pull sticks to avert risks.  Moving positions of loads that are hanging often causes crushing risks and pinching at workplaces.   Knowing the use of Push Pull Stick, one can safeguard oneself with a suitable push pull stick.

These sticks are used mostly in production units in offshore and onshore.  These saves lives of workers in Docks, Oil and Gas industries, Power Supply stations, Mines and Petrochemical industries.

Different Types of Push Pull Stick

As per the load and distance of an object to hold and move, one can select different types of push-pull sticks.  All the pictures and their load capacities are available hereunder:

The smallest push-pull stick available is 24 inches in length

The next size push-pull stick available is 42 inches in length,

Third size available is 50 inches long and

The fourth size available comes with a 72-inch length

The largest size available is 90 inches long.

Load carrying capacities of the sticks are as follows:

The push force is greater than 2800N and the pull force is greater than 1650N – SGS testing laboratory certifications are available with it.

Features of Push Pull Stick

  • High Strength tool head
  • High Strength nonslip insulation rod
  • D Shape comfortable insulated grip
  • Anti-falling and nonslip hand guards fixed on the pole

Corporate supplies, wholesale and retail supplies of Push Pull Stick – Dubai UAE are handled by Three Colours Safety Equipt. Trading LLC, UAE.  Contact us on: eMail: info@tcgroupuae.com, WhatsApp: +97155-968 0202

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