Portwest Orange T Shirt

Portwest Orange T Shirt

Portwest Orange T Shirt is one of the most sought-after quality high visibility work wears in the region.  The product has a reputation due to its quality of construction and life span.  It has also good economy related favor.  The construction is with superior technological product and has all certifications for any kind of critical location.  Other than Orange, Portwest has fluorescent yellow polo T shirt as well.  The only difference between orange and yellow is the color.  The price, features, certifications and life of both items are same.  Let us look into its features in detail:

Model: RT22 – Orange

Model: S477 – Yellow

Category:  High Visibility Polo Shirt

Fabric: Micro Mesh Bird Eye

Fabric Material: 100% Polyester

Product information:

The product falls into a high-quality construction and the polo T shirt is very much comfortable to the wearer.  The life of the T Shirt is another important factor that destroys the competitor.  The T Shirt is a suitable product rather work wear for warmer working conditions as well.  The Micro Mesh Brid Eye construction of polyester fabric is very much apt for hot or warm working conditions.

Orange and Yellow Micro mesh Bird eye high visibility fabric is constructed to keep wearers cool, comfortable and visible in even in difficult hot working environments.  The level of UPF+50 Ultra Violet rays’ protection and cooling ability is there with the product.

Another feature of the product is its wrinkle resistance.  Like the features of hot climate, keeping wearer with a tidy look also and advantage.  Even after multiple washes, the straight new look finish gives the wearer another reason to buy it. 

Faster Drying – the poly mesh fabric takes very less time to dry after each wash.  Unlike traditional cotton or poly cotton or even polyester fabric, Micro mesh fabric is a faster drying product.

The product undergoes high quality testing methods before it reaches to the customer.  Certifications like EN ISO 20471 and ANSI standards are included in the product features.

In Short, it is a combination of Style, Comfort, Protection, Performance and Value for Money product.

Features of Portwest Orange T Shirt:

● Breathable fabric to draw moisture away from the body keeping the wearer cool, dry and comfortable

● Quality wicking fabric finish enhances drying and aids stain removal

> Ribbed cuffs for added comfort

● Reflective tape for increased visibility

● Superior styling with a contrast collar and fluorescent stripe

> Generous fit for wearer comfort

● Bio motion tape pattern to improve recognition of human shape at distance

● Available in sizes from XS to 6XL

> 40+ UPF rated fabric to block 98% of UV rays

● Certified to EN ISO 20471 after 50x washes

● Complies with RIS 3279-TOM for rail industry (orange only)

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