Leica Locator Supplier in UAE

Leica Locator Supplier in UAE

Leica is a Switzerland Technology company and has authorized Leica Locator supplier in UAE with ample inventory.   It is a company with more than 200 years of existence.   Leica has a multiple range of products like Cameras, Surveying equipment, Scanners, Mapping systems and Detection systems etc.   Leica stands as a technology supporter to different professionals around the world.  Aerospace industry, Defense departments are early customer list members of Leica.  Other than these, manufacturing, construction, software industry etc. are also beneficiaries of the company.   With Swiss technology, Leica locator range is a market leader in UAE.

Leica’s History

The company has records from year 1819 and supplied equipment and parts for space technology companies like NASA etc.  It is a number of sister concerns that make different types of supportive parts and accessories.  With a group of technology companies around, Leica stands as a TRUSTWORTHY super tech company in the industrial world.  More details are there in the Q & A segment along with this article.

Leica Locator Supplier in UAE – Main Inventory List
  • MultiStations
  • Robotic Total Stations
  • Controllers
  • Manual Total Stations
  • Combined GNSS and TPS Systems
  • And Accessories

Leica Locators in Stock

  • Leica DD Utility Locator Solution DD100 Series (Download Brochure)
  • Leica ULTRA Precision Utility Tracing (Download Brochure)

DD 100 Series are the beginning range of locator systems of the company.  The range 100 has DD120, DD130 and DD175. All the three models are working on same basics but, according to the increase in model number, more transmit modes are available in respective numbers.

DD 120 has two transmitter modes of 33 & 8 kHz, DD 130 has Four transmitter modes of 33 & 8 kHz plus 512 Hz and 630 Hz.  In DD 175, it has all modes as per DD130 plus Internal Data Storage, Data logging, GPS and Bluetooth connectivity.

ULTRA series is a high end professional range of locators from Leica.  The units have wide and broad display screens to contain maximum result readings.  These are most advanced precision utility tracing system.  Intelligent signal processing has been integrated with unique flexible operating modes, to help save user time and increased confidence in results.

The ULTRA has features like:
  • Configure for site specific applications
  • Choose from 100 selectable frequencies
  • Select antenna to best optimization of job site
  • Compass shows the user the direction of the trace utility
  • Offset Measuring
  • Direction enabled – Identifying your target utility amongst multiple parallel utilities
  • Ambient Interference Measurement (AIM)
  • Connect to GIS & GNSS systems
  • Remote controlled transmitter
  • Choose between 5W and 12W transmitter power outputs for superior tracing performance

Contact us at Email: info@tcgroupuae.com, WhatsApp: +971559680202

Website: www.tcgroupuae.com

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