How to Test Water Purity

How to Test Water Purity ?

How to Test Water Purity ?

The vital factors to check in drinking water are its TDS & Ph Levels.

TDS is the amount of total dissolved solids in it  such as mud, dirt and other elements. TDS must be within a healthy count with all potable waters.

TDS Meter

Ph level is the balance of Acid and Alkali factors of water. Ph should be balanced in a healthy rate so that digestion system and metabolism is not affected as a result of intake of water.

Ph Meter

In big drinking water bottling plants, continuous system to check both Ph and TDS are there. Also dedicated staff who are qualified and trained are present.

But the scenario at home or individuals are different. It is not possible to have bigger infrastructure to test Ph and TDS level before buying or fetching water. The solution is to get portable testing instruments.

Market has small instruments rather pocket-size instruments to test both Ph and TDS of water. Based upon manufacturer and manufacturing country, the quality and price vary.

It is better to have a testing instrument of a reputed brand. A variation or wrong reading of water is not just wastage of money; it can be fatal for a family in long term as water is basic thing and consumed on a daily basis by all.

Online market and regular store have a variety of testing equipment to select from. One of the leaders in this particular segment is Hanna Instruments. Find details of Ph and TDS meters by Hanna Instruments here:

TDS MeterPh Meter

Online options of economical brands are also there. Find them here:

Ph and TDS MeterPh Testing DeviceTDS Testing Devices

How to Test Water Purity ?

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