Vaultex Coveralls

Vaultex Coveralls distributors Dubai UAE

Vaultex Coveralls distributors Dubai UAE

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Coveralls are a one-piece garment designed not only to fit comfortably over the body of a worker but also to protect from external hazards indeed.  Hazards at the workplace include dust and dirt, heat, liquids, and injuries by mode of external objects.

Users such as Mechanics, painters, fishermen, train engineers, and assembly line workers often wear coveralls.  Of course, Fire Fighters and pilots wear technical Coveralls like fire-resistant and chemical resistant ones.

Normal coveralls protect the wearer’s body fully in the same way shirt and pants together do. Coveralls are normally worn over the normal dress of the user such as shorts and t-shirts etc.  Before getting into work, the worker must be equipped with a coverall.

We must keep coverall properly.  Keep Fresh and used coveralls in different lockers especially the used one at the end of the day.  In addition, fresh coveralls and used coveralls are to be treated as if they were different raw-materials.  Furthermore, hygiene is as important as the prevention of dust and dirt.

Before selecting a coverall color, unlike in the casual wears users need to know the application of it like a tool selection. Construction workers use hard colors such as Red, Dark Blue, Dark Grey, and Navy Blue, etc.

Of course, before selecting the fabric of coverall, do not select color first,  Check technical details and certification.  For Example,  a Fire Fighter must check the FR property in particular before color checking.

Select Coveralls carefully.  Because is protection.  It is a guard.

Vaultex Coveralls have all the main colors.  The colors are Red, Yellow, Green, Dark Blue, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Orange, and Grey.

We have wide varieties in styles, types, and colors are available with M/s. Three Colours Safety Eqpt Trdg LLC – UAE

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