ToxiRAE II Multi Gas Detectors in Dubai Sharjah UAE

ToxiRAE II Multi Gas Detectors in Dubai Sharjah UAE

ToxiRAE II Multi Gas Detectors in Dubai Sharjah U A E

The product is a part of Honey well group now.

The Toxi R A E Pro detectors are the industry’s first and largest gas detectors of wireless they include personal single-gas monitors that can reliably and accurately monitor a full range of common toxic industrial chemicals (T I Cs), volatile organic compounds (V O Cs), combustible gases, carbon dioxide (CO2), and Oxygen (O2). When combined with Pro R A E Guardian software, safety managers can easily view data in real-time on all Toxi R A E Pro instruments, anytime, anywhere.

The features of ToxiRAE detectors:

  • Easy to maintain and calibrate
  • Anytime, anywhere access to real-time machine reading and alarm status with Pro R A E Guardian Software or Echo View Portable Controller
  • Five-way alarming — man down, and 4 type alarms
  • Rugged, I P-54 (P I D) and I P – 65 (E C, L E L, and C O2) protection rating
  • Compact and lightweight
  • 3 months of continuous data logging
  • Field-replaceable battery, filter, sensor, and P I D fan
  • Fully automated calibration with Auto R A E 2
  • Readily allows communication with Motorola M O T O T R B O

U S A made Multi-Gas Detectors, Single Gas Detectors are now available ready stock with M/s Three Colours Safety Eqpt Trad L L C, P O Box 60835, Sharjah – U A E; Tel: 06-5669554; Mail:; U R L:; Fax: 009716-5670637


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