Measuring Wheel Digital

Measuring Wheel Digital

Measuring Wheel with Digital display is an easy tool at all work site.  Those users working under limited time frame will always have to finish their measuring job in no time.  The Me asuring wheel and Digital Measuring Wheel are two interchangeably using terms.  Before the innovation of the measuring wheel with dig ital display, there was analogue metered instruments with limited dependability.  Analogue often gives near to exact reading only.  Digitization created a different world of measurement especially in long distance measures drastically.  There are different types of measuring wheels available in the market.  Mainly the quality matters for the customer.

What is a Digital Measuring Wheel?

It is a measuring instrument with a wheel and an extendable handle and a digital display at the handle bar.   It is a push to measure instrument.  The user just needs to unlock the wheel, reset the reading at display to zero and just push the unit through the surface to measure.  The wheel rotates through a surface will send the measurement to the display unit and the user can easily find it.

Measuring Wheel Reading

The Measuring wheel gives different types of reading.  Metric and Imperial.  Normally it is in Centimeter and Meter reading set at each machine.  There is option of reading in inches and yards too.  But these options are not available in every product.  It varies from manufacturer to manufacture and product to product.

Features of Measuring Wheel

  • Display                                : Digital – Battery Operated
  • Accuracy                             : +/- 0.5%
  • Measures in                       : Centimeter and Inches
  • Handle                                :  Metal – mostly aluminum
  • Extendable handle           :  Yes
  • Wheel Type                       : Non-Rusting (Mostly with high quality plastic)
  • Wheel Size                        :  6-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch diameter
  • Tyre                                    : Non-inflatable Rubber tire fitted with rim
  • Weight                               : 1 Kg approximately
  • Packing                              : Recyclable carton with 2 pieces each
  • Availability                       :  Ex-Stock (at Three Colours Safety Equip Trdg LLC, Sharjah)


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