Talan 162 Safety Shoes

Talan 162 Safety Shoes is an Ukrain made Light Weight Safety Shoes. Suitable for all tougher working conditions. Long Life and good looking

Talan 162 Safety Shoes – Low Ankle Model

Talan Safety is an Ukrainian company that manufactures Industrial safety shoes that are comparatively light-weight, good looking and High Performing.  Please find a quick view details of it:

  • Model: 162,
  • Make: Low Ankle,
  • Upper: Natural Leather and has Steel Midsole,
  • Shock Absorber and Steel Toe,
  • Double Density PU Sole
  • Anti-Static
  • CE Certified

Safety Shoe Model 162 is a low ankle Or Low Cut model.

The upper is made of Natural Leather, and there is a Polyurethane coating assisted bellow tongue made of artificial leather.

The D Rings made with a Rust proof Metal.  In addition an artificial leather made soft pad collar also present.

The Lining is a Non-woven material.  This is mesh type and 100% breathable and water resistant too.  Midsole is Anti-static.

There is a protection at Toe with 200 Jule capacity against impacts and crushes.  The toe is steel make.

Midsole is provided to protect from Penetrating risks from sharp objects and nails etc.  There are various types of midsole protection like steel, Kevlar, fiber etc.  This model has a steel mid sole protection.

The sole is Double-Density Polyurethane.  Talan 162 Safety Shoes Model is having a shock absorbing system in place. It is oil resistant.  Also, resistant to slippery surface too.

The shoe has an extra ordinary life span.

It comes in sizes ranging from 37 to 46 – Euro Sizing.  Each pair comes in separate cartons.

The Shoes is certified with EN Standard – 345-S1P

The Master Carton packing comes in 10 pairs per box.

162 Safety Shoe Model is available at Three Colours Safety Eqpt Trdg. LLC, WhatsApp: +97155-9680202, Mail: info@tcgroupuae.com; Web: www.tcgroupuae.com.  Find more shoe options in Foot Protection segment.


Weight 1.250 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 10 cm
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