Safety Jogger X1110 S3

Brand: Safety Jogger

Product Code: X1110 S3

Model description: Leather shoe, water repellent, black, cambrella lining, antistatic, puncture resistant SJFlex sole,shock proof, antislip, composite toe cap, S3 PU/PU sole.

Safety Jogger X1110 S3

The Safety Jogger X1110 S3 Safety Shoes is available in Sharjah, Dubai UAE thru TC group and it is a proven safety product that gives value for money.

Safety Jogger is a Belgian company established in 1991 that specializes in the production of safety shoes. The company’s mission is to provide workers with footwear that not only protects their feet but also offers comfort, durability, and style. Safety Jogger’s footwear is designed to meet or exceed industry standards, making them ideal for workers in various industries such as construction, manufacturing, and logistics.

Brand: Safety Jogger

Model: X1110 S3

Certificate: EN ISO 20345: 2011 S3 SRC

Sizes 38-47

Weight: 560 gr.

Model description:

Outer:  Leather –  water repellent,

Colour: black,

Lining: cambrella lining,



Puncture resistant SJFlex sole,

Shock proof


Composite toe cap

Sole: S3 PU/PU sole.


Application areas:




Precaution and maintenance of the shoe: To extend the life of your shoes, Safety Jogger recommends cleaning them regularly and to protect them with good products. Do not dry your shoes on a radiator, nor nearby a heat source.

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