• Protection against Organic vapors / Acid gases
  • Swept-Back design
  • Bayonet compatibility


Protect yourself from organic vapors and acid gases with our Cartridges.

This cartridge filter is designed to provide superior protection against a wide range of hazardous vapors and gases, including those found in industrial and construction environments. It also features a swept-back design that reduces the risk of fogging and a bayonet compatibility that makes it easy to attach to most respirators.


  • Protection against organic vapors and acid gases
  • Swept-back design to reduce fogging
  • Bayonet compatibility for easy attachment to respirators

Benefits of Cartridges:

  • Stay safe and protected from hazardous vapors and gases
  • Enjoy superior protection against a wide range of hazards
  • Reduce the risk of fogging with the swept-back design
  • Easily attach the cartridge filter to your respirator with bayonet compatibility

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Order your cartridge today and stay safe!


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