3M Safety Helmet H700

3M Safety helmet H700 an Industry favorite due its features and certification factors. H700 series leads the segment always.   It is Suitable for all sectors:  Such as Construction, Warehouse, Transportation, Oil & Gas and Utility services etc.

3M Safety Helmet H700 Series

The 3M Industrial Safety Helmet H-700 Series is one of the fastest selling and industry leading hard hat.

The product series 700 and numbering starts from 701 on ascending mode and addition of features to each.  The hallmark of the helmet is :

Comfort, Sturdy nature, weight less construction.  A simple design that attracts everyone, moreover, it is stable and got more balance. Helmet H-700 family gives maximum comfort and safety from objects that falls from height and accidental hits on head / scalp.

What make 3M Safety helmet H700 a favorite is definitely its features or specification.  When listing them, it goes like this:


Material is : HDPE and it has a

Shell Life of: 5 years and

Look is: Front Brim and it is

4 point pin lock model

Colors available are – White, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow and Orange.
Indeed it is – 440Vac Dielectric and the
Net Weight is – 330 gram.
The Series is –  H-700 Series and
Product Type  is –  Helmets / hard hat.
Also Size mentioned is –  53-62 cm, 54-62 cm’
In addition, Standards/Approvals are – EN397:2012+A1:2012
And Suspension Type is both – Ratchet and Pin lock
Similarly Sweatband Type is -Plastic and
Typical Application suggested is-  Metal Processing.
Finally, it  comes in both Ventilated and Non-Ventilated models.

Furthermore, there are some points to be noted over and above the said features such as:

  1. Its suspension:  This fits to the lower part of head and provides extra comfort for user
  2. Levels of adjustments:  There are three modes of adjustments for ease and comfort
  3. Pin Lock system:  Very easy to use mechanism among all
  4. Accessory / Attachment slots:  Allows things like ear muff and visors to attach easily
  5. Replacement Time:  3M UVicator system will warn user when replacement nears.
  6. Space for Printing:  Customization is possible with company logo printing etc.
  7. Suitable for all sectors:  Such as Construction, Warehouse, Transportation, Oil & Gas and Utility services

Packing of 700 series comes in Carton of 20 helmets each.

For Trade Enquiries, Three Colours Safety Eqpt Trdg LLC, WhatsApp: +97155-9680202

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 15 cm
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