Modacrylic FR Coverall

Modacrylic FR Coverall

Modacrylic is a new form of fabric developed to solve many issues of the fabric industry.  Currently, All the available natural and artificial fabric got many issues.  And Modacrylic FR Coverall is the answer for it.

It is called a synthetic copolymer in technical terms.  The Product has a line of features including very good softness, strength, resiliency, and stable dimensions after multiple washes.

Colour Bleeding is not there and very good in color fastness and performs better in exposure to light

Its main features are: good fiber with flame retardant capabilities and  Antistatic features

The two most attractive feature is lightweight and has more strength and got good resistance features.

Three Colours Modacrylic is a perfect blend of Modacrylic/Cotton/Kevlar/Nylon/Antistatic yarns.  We make our modacrylic garment with a blend of 50/32/10/5/3/2%/ material.  Modacrylic is the latest finding of technology for workwear fabric.  It solves issues found in many workwear in regards to strength, color bleeding.  It also got very good heat resistance, flame resistance, arc resistance, shrinkage, weight, comfort, air circulation, drying after wash, and more life of the fabric.

The Fabric comes with ISO-11612 EN-1149/5 NFPA-2112 certificates. This is proof of the validity of all the features.

Modacrylic made Workwear is the answer to many of your questions   Standard colors are ex-stock in our factory all the time, but we can make a lot more other colors against bigger orders.

The price is a bit more than poly cotton coveralls.  But Three Colours Modacrylic FR Coveralls gives a Value for Money.  For more details about Modacrylic FR Coverall and garments made by Modacrylic Fabric, Please find the contact details provided here.

Currently, we have major colors of Industrial Workwear such as Royal Blue, Navy, Red, Beige available in the range

Make an order with Minimum Order Quantity, our factory can produce all the colors. Moreover, our factory can produce almost all the colors and shades of Industrial workwear and corporate colors equally.

Contact us for more details of Modacrylic FR Coverall and garments.  The following are the details:

Three Colours Safety Equip. Trdg LLC
P O Box 60835, Sharjah, UAE – Tel: +9716-5669554, 5670636, 5670637


Weight 1.250 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 5 cm
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