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DuPont Tyvek Disposable Coverall

DuPont Tyvek Disposable Coverall

Colour: Paper white
Size: Small – 2XLarge
Class: Type 5 – Particle Tight & Type 6 – Splash Tight
Manufaturer: DuPont – Non wovens – Europe


    • Protection against: High Particulate, Spray & Splash barrier
    • Durability: Tyvek is externally tough, Tear & abrasion Resistant Coveralls retain integrity in Arduous conditions & maintain Protection levels throughout their usage.
    • Comfort: Tyvek is permeable to both air & water Vapor allowing the fabric to “breathe”. It is also extremelylight, soft and flexible.
    • None-linting: Continues strong fiber Tyvek is Lint-free.
    • Contam inant Free: Tyvek is made from pure high density Polyethylene. It dose not contain fillers, binders or silicon, making it free of inherent contam inants.
    • Antistatic-treated, so that when coveralls are correctly earthen electrostatic charge build-up is prevented.
      Chemical Splash Resistant: Tyvek resists water-based liquid chemical splashes up to pressure of 0.12 bar (equivalent to a 120 cm column of water

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