Fire Hydrant Metal Bollard

Fire Hydrant Metal Bollard

Fire Hydrant Metal Bollard – Sch 40 Steel pipe of 3 inch diameter, with Hot Dip Galvanizing and PU RL4000 paint coating. Read More…

Fire Hydrant Metal Bollard is a mandatory safety product in the construction industry.

  • Fire Hydrant Metal Bollard Raw Materials
  • Fabrication of pipe 3″ Galvanized b class pipe
  • X SCH 40 Standard
  • One coat epoxy zinc phosphate 75 microns
  • Two coated of epoxy HB 75 Microns
  • Polyurethane (RAL 3000) Red Colour Painted

General Description of Fire Hydrant Metal Bollard and other Bollards

U-Shaped Bollard made from steel and powder-coated in a hi-vis yellow paint.
Suitable for protecting indoor and outdoor environments against factory traffic and vehicle impacts.
As a result, providing protection to your property and equipment thus creating safe zones for pedestrians.  Moreover, it protects areas exposed to dangerous factory traffic and vehicle impacts.  Bollard with a standard baseplate to install above ground without the need to break concrete.   Pipe Guards are useful to protect property and expensive dispensers from traffic collisions.  Bollard can be installed in many applications whether it be at a bank, a c-store, in a warehouse, or in a parking lot. All pipe guards are made of schedule 40 steel pipe and come primed ready for paint.

USES of  Bollards

Pipe guards and bollards can be used to section off parking lots from unwanted traffic. Bollards can be installed next to warehouse and garage doors to prevent trucks and other vehicles from ramming into them.
Bollards are seen installed almost everywhere from bank drive-thru to retail storefronts. These can be used in almost any application since they are small, easy to install, and inexpensive yet still provide a great deal of security for offices and shops.
Bollards and pipe guards come primed or in stainless steel and can paint it to match any surrounding facade.
Bollard covers however make bollards almost maintenance-free;  as they do not need to paint after a collision occurs. Bollard covers also provide a different look because they come with good reflective tape covered around them.

We offer a wide range of bollard and u-shaped pipe guard sizes to fit any need.

Pipe Guards and Bollards can install at a variety of sites including:
Bollards for Banks, and
Pipe Guards and Bollards for Schools
Also Pipe Guards and Bollards for Colleges
Bollards and Pipe Guards for Grocery Stores
Pipe Guards for Playgrounds
Bollards for Deli’s, Restaurants, & Food outlets
Pipe Guards and Bollards for Hospitals
Pipe Guards for Warehouses
Bollards and Pipe Guards for Train Stations
Pipe Guards and Bollards for Sporting Arenas and Stadiums
Bollards and Pipe Guards for Parking Lots
Pipe Guards for Shopping Malls
Bollards for Court Houses
Bollards for Government Buildings
Pipe Guards for Industrial Applications
Anywhere Pedestrians Need Protection from Vehicle Traffic
Any Retail outlet Looking to Provide Protection to Property and Customers

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Details of Fire Hydrant Metal Bollard


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