Fireman’s Fire Hood

  • Light-Weight & Soft Material
  • Made of Double Layer Knitted Fabric
  • 50% Aramid, 49% Viscose FR, 1% Antistatic

Fireman’s Fire Hood

Stay safe and protected from head to toe in our Fireman’s Fire Hood.

This hood is made of a lightweight and soft material that is also flame-resistant and durable. It features a double layer of knitted fabric and is made of 50% aramid, 49% viscose FR, and 1% antistatic material.


  • Lightweight and soft material for comfort and mobility
  • Flame-resistant and durable for protection from heat and flames
  • Double layer of knitted fabric for added protection
  • Made of 50% aramid, 49% viscose FR, and 1% antistatic material
  • One size fits most

Benefits of Fireman’s Fire Hoods:

  • Stay safe and protected in any fire emergency
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your head is protected from heat and flames
  • Move freely and comfortably without sacrificing protection
  • Get a snug fit that won’t slip off or get in your way

Order your Fireman’s Fire Hood today and be prepared for anything!


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