Harvik – Firefighter Boot

Harvik – Firefighter Boot

Firefighters require protective footwear that can stand up to the host of dangers found on the job: high heat, slippery surfaces, difficult terrain, standing water, punctures, cuts, abrasions and more. After considering the importance of proper fit, traction, and the capacity for ease of movement and agility, it’s clear that a lot is riding on those two boots.

According to NFPA 1977: Standard on Protective Clothing and Equipment for Wildland Fire Fighting, wildland firefighting footwear must comply with at least 11 performance standards:

  • Heat resistance – The boot should remain functional under heat tests without melting or delaminating;
  • Corrosion resistance – Metal parts, including aluminium, brass, copper, stainless steel and zinc components, should remain functional and not show more than a light surface corrosion;
  • Cut resistance;
  • Puncture resistance;
  • Abrasion resistance;
  • Conductive heat resistance – The inside sole surface should not exceed 111 F in conductive heat tests;
  • Slip resistance;
  • Attachment strength – The boot’s eyelets and hooks must be tested for attachment strength;
  • Flame resistance – Footwear should not ignite, melt or drip, and should not have an after flame for longer than two seconds;
  • Label legibility and durability – Footwear labels should be legible and remain in place; and
  • Sewing thread heat resistance – All footwear sewing thread should be tested for resistance to heat and should not melt, char or ignite.

Harvik – 9687L

Type of construction
– Vulcanized Rubber Upper and Sole

Upper construction
– Flame retardant upper with heat insulation
– Reinforced rubber
– Waterproof
– High visibility with black and yellow contrast

Sole / Heel
– Flame retardant rubber outsole
– Fuel oil resistant sole suitable for inimical environment
– Slip resistant vulcanized rubber sole
– Excellent abrasion resistant for extra durability
– Withstand 18kV of life current at dry condition
– Heel energy absorption design to minimize heel impact
– Catered to enter high temperature
– Cold insulation sole construction

Steel Midsole
– Non-corrosive stainless steel
– Withstands pin & sharp objects

Steel Toe
– Non-corrosive coating treatment
– Meets EN ISO 20345 impact and compression tests
– Reliable protection in cold & hot environments

Chemical Resistant
– Sole & Upper Resistant towards mild acids and alkaline

– Hypalon lacquer coating for weather protection

– Recyclable Polybag & 6 pairs in a carton – Standard EN 15090:2012

Manufactured by: Harvik

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