Fabric Reflective Tapes Dealer Distributors Sharjah UAE

Fabric Reflective Tapes Dealer Distributors Sharjah UAE

Fabric Reflective Tapes Dealer Distributors Sharjah UAE

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Reflective stripe is an important part of Personal Protective Equipment Industry.  The work wears in many industry require high visibility stripes on it to add safety.  Mostly these types of industry uses garments that are high visible in color.  Orange, Red, Royal blue and at some extreme situations, it is fluorescent yellow and orange also.

Above color fabric are visible only when they are in sufficient light is there.  They are not retro-reflective.  In darker areas, these colors wont help much to become visible.  Here we require the retro reflective stripes.  Often people call it reflective tapes.  The reflective tapes are made with polyester, special glue and glass beads.

High quality reflective tapes will have higher reflection and a brighter look even not in light.  The reflection rate also will be high.  Cheaper and non standard ones will have a grey look instead of a silver look.  The difference is the thickness of reflective beads or layers of reflective substance.  These ones will have lesser life time too.

Major Brands in Fabric Reflective Tapes

Kortape and 3M are two high quality tapes that are available in UAE market.  Both come in 2 inch wide 100 meter rolls.  Kortape comes in 50 meter roll also.  Both has 1″ inch wide tape rolls too.

We have a wide verity of reflective tapes which is suitable for stitching fabric products and also reflective sheets which are used for traffic signs and boards  and suitable for printing are available with M/s. Three Colours Safety Eqpt Trdg LLC – UAE

Industrial applications, whole sellers and retailers will get a special rate if ordered in advance. Retail pricing will be bit higher than wholesale price.

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Fabric Reflective Tapes Dealer Distributors Sharjah UAE

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